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Are Your Company's Domestic and International Legal Affairs Being Effectively Managed?

Companies today face increasingly complex and difficult legal problems and risks. They also have important legal needs in connection with transactions and commercial relationships. It is usually unproductive and inefficient for a company’s executives to be responsible for managing its legal affairs without the support of in-house general counsel.  Without an in-house general counsel, the company executives may find it difficult and distracting to determine:

  • The current and future legal representation the company needs;
  • The importance and urgency of the representation needed; and
  • The lawyers or law firms that are best suited to handle the company’s legal work.

Even if you have determined your company's need for legal representation and the priority of your company's legal projects, if your executives have to manage the company’s legal work without the support of an in-house counsel, the process and results are unnecessarily costly in terms of both legal fees and executive inefficiency.

YLM's mission is to convert the unmanaged legal work of its clients that do not have an in-house legal staff into a well-managed, controlled and budgeted part of the company's business without adding materially to, and even reducing, their legal expenses.

About Us

Experienced Corporate Advisor Provides In-House Legal Counsel Services

After practicing corporate, transactional, and international law for 30 years, including advising global companies, in New York, Los Angeles and Denver, John A. St. Clair founded Your Legal Manager, to provide “in-house” general counsel services to companies that do not have a general counsel.


Value-Added Benefits

Clients Of Your Legal Manager Receive Value-Added Benefits

Working alongside the company's executives, Your Legal Manager’s services are designed to add value to its clients, not to add fees on top of the company’s outside attorneys’ fees.  Your Legal Manager provides strategic and operational benefits to its clients.


How Your Legal Manager works with you

Companies ask Your Legal Manager®, “How would Your Legal Manager provide in-house counsel services to us?”  In other words, “What specifically does Your Legal Manager do for its clients?”  Those are appropriate questions. A company should not hire any law firm without asking, “What are you going to do? When will it be finished?  How much will it cost?”


What our clients are saying

"John St. Clair is one of a very few attorneys I have met in my years of company building who is a deal-maker not a deal-breaker.” (Long-time entrepreneur client with start-ups around the world)

"John’s ability to keep the several difficult personalities focused on the real issues until the registration statement was effective and the merger closed was just amazing.” (CFO of public company acquired by NYSE buyer)